10 Airline Safety Guidelines

with the aid of Peter

Savage, Author of The Safe Travel Book

1. In

crowded terminals or flights, try to discover a pal in line or within the seat

subsequent to you if traveling on my own, so that you are looking his or her baggage

on the counter or on board and he or she is looking yours.

2. When

putting your keep on bags thru the x-ray belt, placed your pc

final in order that it comes out at the back of your different luggage, and with luck,

about the identical time you’re cleared to choose it up-or, higher but, have a

buddy that has cleared security preserve an eye fixed in your pc till you

have cleared security.

3. Put

your bags within the overhead bin across the aisle from you so that you

can see that nobody is commencing your bags during the flight. Overhead

storage boxes may not be capable of preserve very heavy objects in the course of

turbulence, so if you or every other passenger is having problem lifting an

article into the bin, have it stored someplace else.


Dress for consolation and protection-first-class safety from warmth and hearth is

natural fiber (cotton, denim, leather-based, wool) so keep away from synthetics and

bear in mind that the safety slide is pretty rough cloth and the give up

has strips of Velcro, so a skirt and panties will now not survive the ride

down-girls have to use herbal fiber slacks.

five. The

safest seating is at the go out aisle inside the lower back of the airplane-normally

farthest from effect and farthest from explosive gasoline.

6. The

time for best concern is throughout take-off and touchdown so nonstop

flights reduce exposure to these maximum coincidence-inclined stages of flight.

You ought to have an evacuation plan in thoughts-memorize how many rows to

each exit factor. Choose larger aircraft whenever possible, as they

offer a better possibility for passenger survival. Planes with extra

than 30 passenger seats are designed and authorized below the strictest



Always deliver a penlight flashlight for use in an emergency while no other

source of light can be available. Follow guidelines from the flight crew

and go out the plane as quickly as viable.

eight. If

you’re journeying over water, make sure you realize the way to discover and don

your life jacket or floatation device. The number one motive flight

attendants are on an plane is for safety, so if one of them asks you

to do something like fasten your seat belts, do it-ask questions



Carry your passport even on domestic flights. During a crisis, U.S.

flights can be diverted to Mexican or Canadian airports and having a

passport will facilitate the border crossing.


Don’t drink an excessive amount of alcohol! The atmosphere in an airliner cabin is

pressurized to about the equal altitude as Denver, so any alcohol you

eat will have an effect on you extra than at sea stage. Moderation is a great

coverage at any altitude. Drinking non-caffeinated products is a superb

exercise as well.

Bonus Tips!

Some aspects of the take a look at in and safety screening method are quite

recurring and well known, however travelers frequently neglect some obvious factors

along with the following:

Do now not lock your baggage due to the fact the TSA (Transportation and Safety

Administration) may also must open your bag for inspection. Refer to the

TSA for updates on regulations (

Limitations on deliver-on gadgets are actually strictly enforced to one

deliver-on item and one non-public item, which includes a laptop, purse, or

briefcase, and restrictions should be observed.

A packing listing will guarantee you of what is lacking after an

inspection-and do not % anything that may doubtlessly motive you

non-public embarrassment.

For ease of clearing protection, restriction the amount of metallic on your

man or woman and placed all steel gadgets-watch, pens, cash, keys, mobile

telephone-in a zip lock bag stowed on your keep on bags pocket. That

leaves only a belt buckle and shoes with metallic to be eliminated.

If you have got a grievance about TSA’s clearance method, do not raise it

until you have already cleared safety, then get the right forms to

record (in any other case you will be a long time being cleared, if in any respect).

International journeys require a higher trendy of care and making plans.

Different screening methods can be utilized in other nations and this

and other protection problems must be researched in advance.


fashionable safety tick list includes many of the standard provisions and is

an excellent review:

Wear a protection strap for eyeglasses and produce a further pair just in

case they may be broken, misplaced or stolen.

Always bring your International Certificate of Vaccination-ICV (yellow

book) so that clinical personnel can rule out sure sicknesses, in case you

come to be unwell. Your ICV will contain all current vaccinations for travel

as well as have sections to record any chronic clinical conditions,

blood type, hypersensitive reactions, and eyeglass prescription.

It is always a terrific idea to list your blood kind on your passport and

to make photocopies of your passport and visa.

Stow passports & visas independently of your originals (convey two

more passport photographs if your passport is lost or stolen).

I constantly convey an emergency escape smoke hood as nicely. A smoke hood

will come up with greater time to breathe filtered air for the duration of an escape from

a smoke filled cabin.

Bon voyage and safe



Savage is Director of Security for Passport Health and this text is

reprinted with permission from Passport Health.